eBay was one of the first ways the internet was able to justify its own existence. eBay provides an online marketplace for the sales of goods and services, online payment services as well as online communication offerings to a diverse community of individuals along with businesses not only in the United States but also internationally.

Like it or not, eBay is the biggest auction website and often has some excellent deals. But it also has loads of competition from other buyers. Here are the top 8 secrets of finding the best deals on eBay.  

1. Search smarter  

This is one of the strategies and techniques of being successful while dealing with eBay. If you’re using the same search strategies or techniques on eBay that everyone else is using, then you’re just going to be finding the same items as everyone else.

eBay is as much a search engine as it is a marketplace. You need to think outside of the box. Improving and simplifying the process of searching will deliver accurate results. Quickly filter your results with the advanced search tool by product description and buying format.  

2. Search Misspelled Words  

Plenty of sellers manage to misspell the name of the item to the point they don’t show up in standard searches. A common misspelling of items and brands are a little-known way of finding what you want on eBay often for a lower price.

It’s evident that a misspelling can translate into a significant saving for you and there are even entire misspelled auction search engines that will generate eBay listings from alternative spellings and misspellings of your search term.

For instance, BargainChecker.com will list soon-to-end auctions first, with links to each product. TypoBay, on the other hand, will direct you to an eBay search results page that lists products based on common spellings of the term entered and the search of alternative version.  

3. Search for abbreviations in the title  

Search for abbreviations in the title is another little-known trick for finding secret deals. Given that eBay only allows 80 characters per title, many folks prefer to use abbreviations when possible.

For example, “SS” is of stainless steel, “KT” for karat, “NBW” for never been worn, “SCR” for scratch just to name but a few. Therefore, think about abbreviations when searching for an item and try a few abbreviations that you believe could be used in the description.  

4. Save your favorite searches  

If you’re trying all sorts of abbreviations and misspellings, you may find yourself getting tired of always searching for the same thing, and you’re hoping to score a deal on a particular item, eBay will do the work for you by saving your favorite searches.

Hit the save search after you find an item and eBay will notify you when new items are listed. Substantially, eBay will ensure you will never miss a new listing and an excellent resource for finding deals just because it offers this tool.  

5. Finding Good Deals  

eBay Deals is eBay’s version of a daily deals site. It’s evident that eBay sells both new and used items. Opting for used items can help you to save a lot but be careful when buying costly items as they will not have a warranty. Finding good deals on eBay basically require the following tricks;  

– Be sure to include postal charges in your search

– Search descriptions and titles using advanced tool to find the item you want

– Follow your search so that eBay will then alert you when the item you are looking for is for sale

– Look for things that are pick-up only because these items are only available to those in a restricted area and they usually get fewer bids.

– Watch for products sold by inexperienced sellers because this is the great way to find cheap items

– Look for auctions that are about to close with no bids or low bids    

6. Buy From and Create Collections  

With social commerce entirely inbuilt, eBay allows users to interact with and create custom collections. Collections are excellent for keeping track of hard-to-find brands and introduce you to curators who can help you find more products as well as brands.

This typically works by adding products on the site to a new collection. Given that all pictures are products and all images in your collections have items, they are actually attainable.  

7. Set Up Automatic Bidding  

Try setting up automatic bidding if at all you can’t regularly monitor the bids you place. Enter your maximum bid and eBay confidently. It will bid for you in gradual increments every time someone else places a bid until your maximum bid amount is reached.

Central to such an endeavor, eBay will notify you via email if other bids surpass your maximum and you can manually place a higher bid. In reserve price auctions, it’s important to note that when a minimum price for the item is set by the seller, the system will automatically increase your bid to meet the reserve price.  

8. Understand Second Chance Offers  

Vendors may make second-chance offers if the seller has additional inventory of the same product.

This is because eBay allows sellers to offer Second Chance Offers to buyers after bidding on an item ends. It’s important for sellers to note that if you don’t win an item doesn’t mean you won’t get a shot at it. In this way, you may be able to get an item for less than it was listed purely because the seller is now willing to compromise.    

In conclusion, the popularity of eBay has made it harder and harder to find bargains. Taking advantage of these tips by using a little eBay savvy, you can come up with a great deal.

Use these steps to find appropriate deals that will enable you to pay a low price as well as winning the bid. Combine these tips, and you will get the best idea given that the more unique they become, the more likely your chances of getting a super deal.

Therefore, learn these tips and buy items on the world’s largest auction.