New parents can save a lot with free diapers. Having a kid in diapers means that you have to set aside a significant portion of your earnings every month.

Disposable diapers are convenient, but the cost can be sometimes prohibitive to families. Having more than one kid in diapers can strain even further. For such parents, a way of how to get free baby diapers can be a huge relief.

The fortunate thing, however, is that there are ways to get free diapers, helping you save that extra cash.    

1. Diaper Bank

Struggling families in the US can get free baby diapers from Diaper Bank. It is a not-for-profit organization that works throughout the country, helping families struggling to get baby diapers.

While getting a baby brings joy, buying diapers for the kid can be a challenge. The National Diaper Bank Network can help homeless people, poor households, and financially-challenged parents access free diapers.    

2. Free Samples  

Some diaper companies offer free samples to willing parents. If you have been wondering how to get free baby diapers, this can be the starting point. Companies like Huggies, The Honest Company, Pampers and Everyday Happy are good examples.    

3. Ask the Companies Directly  

Many diaper companies have coupons and giveaways that people may not be aware of. Start by registering with diaper companies and ask them directly about any free samples, coupons, and giveaways that they may have.    

4. Check at the Local Health Facility  

Your local pediatrician is one of the best resource people on matters diapers. They usually have samples and may have a partnership with companies dealing in baby products.

Ask your pediatrician if they may have any free samples. You could end up saving that much-needed cash for other purposes.    

5. Join the Pampers Rewards Program  

This reward program offers free diapers to loyal customers. Each time you buy your pampers package, check for the codes in the product and enter them to get points.

The more you send the codes, the more points you earn. You can then redeem these points for free diapers.    

6. The Huggies Enjoy the Rewards Program  

This program works in a similar way like the pampers program. You need to enter the codes to redeem offers like free baby diapers.