Sometimes shopping the Black Friday deals can be tough, discouraging many shoppers from taking advantage of all the amazing discounts available. The hustle is not for the faint-hearted, and you’ll know exactly what I mean if you have ever stood in a queue for hours, just to grab a door buster sale item before it’s gone.

And then along comes Cyber Monday… You thought you got some great deals on Black Friday, just to discover that Cyber Monday has more or even less to offer. The uncertainty can be gut-wrenching and most people simply want to know when to shop. Black Friday or Cyber Monday?  

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times of the year to get great deals and discounts. You just never know how deep the discounts will be. Expectations are usually high and almost all of America is waiting to grab a great deal off both sales events.

When it comes down to it, you have to make a choice, but no matter when you shop, you’ll definitely be saving money.  

Black Friday  

A recent survey shows that 75% of Americans will shop the Black Friday sales event and the chances are they’ll probably spend 20% more than what they spent in 2016.

Statistics show that as the years go by, this percentage increases along with household spending budgets for Black Friday.  


• Black Friday is more of a physical shopping sales event and offers shoppers the opportunity to try out items they want to buy and decide on the spot if these products are really what they need.

• No one wants to be bothered with returns and shipping. In-store shopping enables easy product returns and a faster refund or store credit.

On Black Friday, prices tend to be lower in the stores than they are online. There are many exclusive deals in-stores especially for door busters or perishable items. You will get the chance to snatch great deals as they come up, even before they become available online.  


• Black Friday is hindered by queues and crowds. It is only for brave shoppers who don’t mind other people in their personal space. It starts with difficulty getting a parking space, elbow to elbow shopping and finally, joining a long snaking line just to get to the cash register.

• Many doorbuster items come in limited quantities. If you are one of those who cannot make it to the sale event early, the deal may be gone before you hit the stores.

• Black Friday can sometimes feel like you’re shopping blindly. Even though you might have a list of what you want, many times the stores may have run out and could have a different color, size or brand. You may not get that deal you’ve been hankering for and might feel compelled to buy totally different item.

Cyber Monday

If you are one of the many Black Friday shoppers who aren’t a fan of long queues, large crowds, and bustling stores, Cyber Monday may be the best choice for you. This sales event stole the show in 2016, attracting $3.45 billion in sales; more than what Black Friday retailers sold.

It is getting more and more popular, and this year it’s anticipated that Cyber Monday may still out-pace last year’s trend.  


• Being online means that it’s a convenient way to shop for many people. No crowds, no hassles, and no parking space issues. Just shop from your home, office or school and save time.

• Easily compare prices across several shops or brands. This way, you are sure you are getting the best deal online.

• Even with a Cyber Monday sale, you can still use coupons, points etc., to get even deeper discounts from the sales event. Some merchants offer free shipping when you buy up to a certain amount, so look out for more offers to deepen your savings.  


• Most deals are left over from Black Friday offers. In many cases, you will be left with remnant sale items.

• Shopping online means that you can’t try or test your products before buying. Many shops offer a return policy, so remember to confirm the details of the policy before shopping.

• A high rate of out of stock items is common on Cyber Monday. Due to multiple orders being placed at the very same moment, merchants are sometimes caught unaware.

And the winner is…  

There is no winner between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It all comes down to what you’re buying, what offers you are interested in, and if you are an in-person or online shopper.

If you like to touch and feel your product before purchasing them, then a Cyber Monday deal might not be the best choice for you.

But, if you are a seasoned online shopper and have no qualms buying online— bearing in mind also that you may have missed out on some exclusive deals— then Cyber Monday will suit your needs just fine.