In an effort to attract customers, marketers are adopting crazy giveaways and discounts, for everyone. On the other hand, fraudsters are using this opportunity to trick you into non-existing coupons.

Fortunately, we have collected a number of best freebie sites where you can get offers and save some money on genuine products and services.   Here are some 12 of the recommendable sites, where you can get genuine products and save significant money:  

1. I Love Free Things

This Freebie site presents a user-friendly dashboard with categories ranging from food, clothing, stickers, baby and beauty products. Depending on your search, you get the various items or samples that the site of offering free of charge.

After you sign up, you can get updates on the products on offer through email, or mobile apps.  


Gofobo is an entertainment site that majors mainly on the latest and upcoming movies. Users are required to register free to access the tickets or coupon discounts on offer.

In addition, one can download PDF files of the subject movies for use in theaters. Given the different genres and customer preferences, users can customize the searches to find a suitable package.  

3. Freecycle Network

This is among the best freebie sites where you can give and get free stuff. With close to 10 million members, the exchange rate is higher as well as the likelihood of getting a suitable product.

The site relies on the authentication by a team that updates and ensures the exchange process is reliable. It is interactive and members focus on maximizing the utilization of products, as well as recycling of items that you do not require.  

4. Free Stuff

As the name suggests, the stock is full of freebies that cut across all categories. Unlike other websites, this interprets the terms and conditions for its users, which reduces inconveniences.

It majors on household items and it is possible to get a discount on popular brands. Furthermore, upcoming brands are always willing to give you free samples, with or without expecting your reviews.  


This freebie site has all manner of meals, desserts or even tickets dedicated for that special day. It extends the generosity to the extent of requiring no registration, for one to book these treats.

In an effort to keep the site lively, the offers are renewed on a monthly basis and from different sources.

This means you can get a designated package for pets, adults, lovers and even kids, although some offers require you to first register as a member.  

6. Freeflys

It rates among the best freebie sites for free samples or code discounts presented by the various brands. The samples come in packages such as beauty, health or kids, with the items covering some if not all the subcategories.

Daily coupons and sweepstakes are available for particular items while visitors can browse the offered products before registration. One can also register a particular email which the site will use to keep you updated on the daily offers and the sample packages available.  

7. Go Freebies

This platform presents links to free samples that include the various discounts or free gifts from different brands and retailers. The homepage provides all relevant information for the listed links, as a measure of reducing inconveniences.

In case you sign up to get the newsletters, you enter into a draw and stand to win a designated Amazon gift card. However, all visitors are eligible to access the links and sign up to the redirected pages and/or sites.  

8. Cardpool

It stocks different discounts on gift cards that are eligible for particular stores, around the world. On signing up to be a member, you get access to deals that will help you save money.

This is because online stores are always giving discounts to customers and some of these deals will see you save over 50% of the actual price of the products.

Alternatively, you can opt to sell your gift card to interested buyers and make some profit.  

9. Sample a Day

As for this platform, they stock daily samples with giveaways and coupons attached. The outstanding aspect of this site is the identification of fraudsters that purport to be dealing with the same kind of business.

The daily samples involve a collection of popular items, which could either be contested for or given free to members. The consistency of presenting discounts on a daily basis is definitely favorable when it comes to saving on shopping money.  


This website focuses on helping member save on pharmaceutical drugs. After registering to become a member, presents coupons and coupon codes that can redeem at various pharmacies in your region.

The discounts go to up to 80% price cuts, a factor that makes it rate among the most genuine and best freebie sites for accessing drugs at lower prices. The offers mainly come from competing brands or when a company is introducing a new drug in the market.  


For people who love artistic designs, this website provides a collection of customized artwork. Since it acts as a display for all manner of customized designs, one can get any genre or type of art, on accessing the website.

The platform encourages designers to upload their work, meaning that you will always get a unique and new template or texture.

The downloading and installation of the present products is free, and there is no membership or registration required in order to access the site.  

12. Free Stuff Times

If you need information on the local money-saving deals and contests in your locality, then Free Stuff Times is a perfect choice. Like other best freebie sites, it categorizes the giveaways and coupons into units, making it easy to find what you want.

Depending on your locality, it is possible to get deals on the best brands for a particular group of products, e.g. hygiene or beauty package.

The user dashboard also has customer reviews on the suitability of using the site as well as their experience when using the discounted or free samples.