Coupons are a great way of saving money provided you use them to buy things you need. However, it can be time-consuming to scour flyers and newspapers for them, and they will not do you any good especially if you do not take them to the store.

That is what makes coupon apps very useful. The ability to upload “clips” as well as scan coupons directly on your Android device can make the process more efficient.

Whenever you key in “coupon” on your tablet’s app, you are certain to get thousands of returns. Most apps promise to save you cash, but finding the most functional ones with useful features is a different thing. Eventually, it is worth it. Below are some of the best coupon apps that can save you money and time.  

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is a free mobile coupon app that turns Android devices, iPads and iPod touch into tools for collecting cashback opportunities. With this app, users upload grocery receipts after purchasing select items as well as receive money in return.

However, when the total reaches a given threshold, the app transfers it into a venmo or PayPal account. In case you do not have any of these online payment accounts, ibotta allows you to cash out in the form of iTunes, Redbox or Starbucks.  

2. Checkout 51

Just because you do not want to coupon does not mean you should miss out on savings. Besides, couponing apps operate in a similar way like the coupons themselves that is, you show them prior to purchase and get a discount.

Ideally, checkout51 operates differently. It provides cashback rebates on products you have already purchased as evidenced by the receipts. This way, you save money without taking coupons to the store. When operating the app, go to the store and shop as usual.

When at home, use the app to take pictures of the store receipt. The application then scans the receipts plus deposits cash back into the checkout account based on the current rewards and offers, like a dollar for one package of Oreos.

Once your account balance reaches $20, you’ve the option to keep savings, else way you can have a cheque sent to you.  

3. Snipsnap

SnipSnap is one of my favorite coupon apps. It lets the user take pictures of printed coupon as well as flash them in the store on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. In need of a coupon that suits your fancy?

Search the snip snap, a free mobile coupon app database that holds thousands of coupons issued by renowned retailers like Target & Bed. Besides, the snip snap reminds one when an expiration date is approaching. According to Ted Mann, the SnipSnap CEO and confounder “this mobile app helps users save on average, forty dollars per week.”

The application has been raised in media outlets like Tech Crunch.  

4. Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not is another free mobile coupon app for iPod touch, iPad, iPhone and Android that lets the user save where and when you want, just as the name suggests.

While making your way through your best stores at the mall, this app alerts you to the location-based deals. You will have access to wide assortment of coupons plus promo codes from food & entertainment to clothing and electronics.  

5. The Coupons App

This App earns lots of praise from technology sites and users for delivering real-time coupons plus updates for restaurants, gas stations, and stores.

Free to users of iPhone, Android, iPad devices and iPod touch, the coupons App boasts a built-in barcode which allows the user to scan barcodes and search for updates on a particular product. Another feature, coupon updates makes it much easier to get deals nearby.

The App score four stars on Amazon for extensive variety of deals plus the ability to cash them in and hassle-free at multiple retailers.  

6. Grocery IQ

Though it is one of the most useful Apps for building shopping lists, what makes Grocery IQ different is its power to grab coupons which match items on your shopping list swiftly.

The application derives its deals from and downloads them to the user’s supermarket loyalty card.

This app is beneficial to people who stick to the same good in the same store although constant updates plus a wide selection of discount makes it useful at all the time.