Black Friday is a common event in most shoppers’ calendars, it’s the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas where people make bulk purchases of items.

In fact, it’s estimated that Black Friday accounts for almost 30% of yearly retail sales. Nowadays, many people prefer shopping online during this period due to the many benefits it offers. Some of which include:  

1. Discount bargains start earlier online  

Many major retailers kick off their online sales hours before opening the brick-and-mortar stores. This provides an opportunity for people to do their shopping earlier, and enjoy great deals which are only available for virtual buyers.

Additionally, shoppers will be able to buy their favorite items in good time before they run out of the stores due to huge demand.  

2. You can compare prices and coupon codes from different stores  

Online buying makes it easier for people to compare prices offered by different stores, simply browse through the websites of various retailers to see how the deals stack up on various items.

Moreover, before completing any purchase you can look up the Web for relevant voucher codes. You can enjoy price discounts on top of the already subsidized prices.  

3. Some online stores provide free shipping on Black Friday  

While in the past making purchases online was a drawback due to shipping costs, nowadays many retailers are providing free seasonal delivery for those who buy items on Black Friday.

There are online stores that have free standard shipping offers on eligible products, with no minimal buying amount required.  

4. It can help curb impulse purchases  

Studies show that people who buy items online are less likely to spend money on products that they do not need. Similarly, on Black Friday nearly 45 pct of smartphone users employ their devices to not only complete their purchases, but also to research buys.

As a buyer, if you’re able to tell more clearly the best deals that are available online through comparisons, you won’t be easily swayed by the fear of missing out on great deals. Online shopping allows you to make purchases in peace and quiet, at your own terms and without any pressure.  

5. It’s fast and reliable  

Online shopping saves you time that would have otherwise been wasted driving to-and-from a brick & motor store. You can complete a checkout with only a few clicks, plus some online retailers also offer one-touch ordering on Black Friday.

Additionally, online stores can also recommend products to you based on your previous browsing or purchase history. Some big retailers also have apps that are specifically dedicated to Black Friday shopping. They allow you to do various things such as pulling up digital flyers, selecting items straight from the flyer and making purchases. These apps allow you to do your shopping on the go, so as not to spend your precious time shoving through the mall.    

In conclusion, shopping online on Black Friday is much better than brick-and-motor shopping. The process is easier, convenient and very cost effective. Not to mention that there are no aisles around to distract your shopping experience.