Any frugal and savvy shopper has a Costco membership. This is because this successful warehouse store offers consumers the most significant discounts in the current market.

There is no doubt that Costco is one of the most customer-friendly retailers when it comes to savings and low prices. Aside from the massive discounts there are other ways you can save substantially.

In this brief but detailed article you will learn 7 simple yet brilliant ways to save more money at Costco.  

1. Always buy in bulk

Bulk purchases of essential items have large discounts at Costco. In fact it is way cheaper than buying from big box stores and regular grocery stores. If you have a small household, partner with a friend and then split the bulk purchases.

It is worth mentioning that Costco has unparalleled deals on bulk meat. By buying meat in bulk and freezing for later use you save a lot.  

2. Costco Coupons are your friend

Just because it is a discount stores doesn’t mean you can’t save more from using coupon deals. Sites such as provide Costco coupons and sometimes money-back deals for some products likes mattresses.

Confirm consistently whether a purchase you intend to make has discounts. To access the Costco monthly coupon book simply check out the website. Costco is committed to offering customers the best prices. This is why this warehouse store automatically adds any available discounts to the Costco membership card.  

3. Take advantage of the low prices offered at the end of weather seasons

Most Costco customers have no idea that the prices on seasonal items go way down when a season is approaching it end. For instance the price summer items such as pool toys and patio furniture is significantly decreased.

This is because the store is intentionally freeing up room for merchandise suited for the next season. This is the best time to get unparalleled deals. The good thing is that end-of-season deals are available all year long including after the Christmas season.  

4. Enjoy great travel deals at Costco

Apart from shopping Costco also offers travel deals. If want to save money when travelling for work or leisure check the Costco travel offerings first. Members can get great deals on vacation packages, rental cars and cruise by taking advantage of Costco Travel.

For instance, people travelling to Maui can save more than $200 on a car trip. If you are travelling by flight you can include a flight in the Costco travel package or choose to book airfare independently.  

5. Take advantage of the deals on returned items.

Any returned item at Costco costs significantly less the brand new one. Since Costco has one of the most generous return policies in the market, it is very common for people to return gentle used items to the store.

It is easy to spot returned items because Costco has a few shelves dedicated to returned items. The markdowns on returned items are unbelievable! Returned items are stored near the sporting goods, household and automotive sections of the store.  

6. If you want to save more at Costco avoid the ‘Action Alley’

So what is action alley? Simple! Just as the name implies, this is the section in the store with the most action (foot traffic). Since this area gets the best traffic in the whole store, most distributors pay more to locate their products here.

Additionally, in this section the advertising is eye catching and very convincing. Don’t be fooled! The flashy and attractive adverts can be very deceptive. Keep in mind that the action alley is where most items are highly priced and low bargains.

There is also the added advantage that on the less crowded alleys you will have the peace and comfort of low traffic.  

7. Substantially reduce car maintenance expenses by buying tires at Costco

The initial cost of buying tires at Costco can be a tad bit expensive. However, you can save a lot by purchasing a brand new set from Costco. Unknown to most people Costco offers tire maintenance services such as pressure checking, tire rotation, flat repair and everything else.