We all want to save money wherever we can when shopping and thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever. Being able to compare prices and find the best deal sites means that you can make your money stretch that little bit further.

Let’s take a look at the 7 best deal sites out there, meaning no matter what you are looking to purchase – you don’t have to worry about it being too much off a strain on your bank balance.  

1. DealNews.com

This site will always show you the best deals on electronics, computer equipment, clothes and a whole lot more. The site is really easy to navigate, you can simply search what product you are looking for and a whole backlog of deals will appear to browse at your convenience.

Dealnews get lots of offers that are exclusive to them, meaning you will find them nowhere else on the internet. In addition to daily savings, they will also show you the hottest deals that are available on holidays, black Friday and so on!  

2. NewEgg.com

If you are a geek who just loves the latest and greatest in computers and other gadgets, this is the right site for you. NewEgg has awesome prices on technology and promises to always show you the best deals currently available.

The website is easy to browse on a standard computer/laptop and you can also get the app to make things even easier.  

3. SlickDeals.net

This is one of the most popular deal websites for all the right reasons. You can find offers on pretty much anything including computers, other electronics, travel packages and stores that are local to you.

New deals appear but sadly also expire on SlickDeals every single day, so it’s important that you check the site regularly. The best thing about this site in my opinion is that it’s made up of a community of people just like you, who share coupon codes and deals that are available on different websites.

It’s super active with lots of members who just want to help each other grab a bargain.  

4. Woot.com

This is one of the first daily deal sites that existed online and it has only continued to grow, since Amazon purchased the franchise in 2010. While it only used to have a list of the best technology deals online – it’s now expanded to wine, clothing, apparel, toys and more.

Deals Woot is a community of like-minded people sharing deals that you might be interested in, there deals can do “down” or “up” voted according to if they are still active. This is a really handy site that helps to save you as much money as possible.  

5. FatWallet.com

This is a classic deals website, it’s simple but to the point. It is jammed packed full of coupon codes that can help save you money on certain websites. One thing I find useful with this website is that they cover big websites but also smaller ones that you might not be aware of.

They have product deals that you might not be able to find on other sites including categories like cosmetics and jewelry. Whether you are just looking for the best deals on the front page or you want to get more in depth in the forums, just enjoy what’s available!  

6. Passwird.com

This is a deal site that isn’t as packed as others because it’s run by one person single handedly. While there are not THOUSANDS of deals, the ones that are there are quality ones that are updated regularly. Check this site out today and you might just find a hidden gem or two.  

7. BradsDeals.com

BradsDeals is great for finding products that we all need to use on a daily basis such as razors, toiletries, cosmetics and clothing – in addition to bigger deals like electronics of course.

You can find price alerts, coupon codes and the latest discounts on all your favorite items on a daily basis. In addition to codes that you can use online, BradsDeals also has the back to basics coupons that you can print out and use in many stores. This is a great site that is well worth adding to your bookmarks!  

Now that you know the best deal sites, it’s time to shop with no regret! Some of these websites work in different ways but they are all designed to help you get amazing prices on some really good products. So make the most of the resources around you and shop smart.