Amazon’s dominant position in online shopping is a surprise to no one. However, Black Friday 2017 only solidified what we already knew, Amazon is the king of online sales.

According to some estimations, Amazon took a whopping 45-50% of all online sales on Black Friday. Holiday season couldn’t have kicked off in a better way for them and if this trend is to continue it’s not unexpected to see them dominating the online market throughout the whole holiday season.

As far as profits go, estimations say that Amazon earned around $1 billion just on Black Friday and with Cyber Monday coming up, there’s no doubt Black Friday weekend will be good for them.

The competition is not sitting still though, as Walmart has increased interest in online market and is working to increase their profits by offering better deals and trying to be more competitive.

Another trend this year is the further orientation on online shopping compared to the classic in store purchases, something that a giant like Amazon certainly knows how to use to their benefit. With Cyber Monday deals on the way and the holiday season in front of us, we are looking forward to see what other surprises retailers have for us, the consumers.