In recent years, online shopping has become more prevalent and many Americans even prefer shopping online rather than hitting the stores. Online shopping is fast, convenient and has a lot of benefits, like being able to easily compare prices and look for customer reviews, helping you make a more informed purchase.

Here are some interesting online shopping trends worth noting:

When asked, 51% of Americans says they prefer to shop online. Staggering 96% of Americans with internet access says they’ve made an online purchase during their lifetime and 80% made a purchase in the last month. Despite these trends 46% of small business don’t have an online presence.


Generational trends


If we look at the trends from a generational perspective we see that 67% of Millenials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer online shopping against physically going to a store. When it comes to Baby Boomers, 41% of them prefer online shopping while only 28% of seniors prefers to do their shopping online.

When analyzing shopping hours we see that Millenials and Gen Xers have spent significantly more time shopping compared to their senior counterparts, spending around 6 hours per week doing their online shopping compared to the 4 hours Baby Boomers do or 2.5 hours seniors spent shopping online.


Parental trends


Parents shop online more often compared to the non-parents. On average, parents spend 40% of their budget on online shopping, while non-parents spend around 34%. Not only that, but parents tend to spend more time on their shopping, averaging 7 hours per week compared to the non-parents.

49% of parents says they couldn’t imagine their life without online shopping. When comparing where they shop, we see that 53% of them shop on marketplaces, 78% at large retails sites, 53% on various web stores and 34% on category specific websites.

Among non-parents, 54% of them shops at marketplaces, 72% uses large retails sites, 39% use independent webstores and 37% category specific websites.


Gender trends


Statistics show that men spend 28% more money online compared to women. 52% of men use marketplaces compared to 56% of women. When it comes to large online retailers the result are similar, 75% of men and 74% of women do their shopping on them. Women use independent webstores more, 48% against 39% among men. Category specific sites are a go to place for 31% of men and 40% of women. When it comes to shopping hours, both men and women spend around 5 hours per week shopping online.



Spending trends


When asked, 51% of Americans say they prefer online shopping to shopping in-store and think online is the best way to shop. However, when we look at the budget distribution, we see that 64% of shopping budged is spent on in-store purchases, while 36& goes to online shopping.

When looking where that money is spent we see that 74% of Americans have shopped at large brand name retailers, both online and offline compared to the 54% using marketplaces, 44% using small brands and 36% using category specific online retailers.


Periodical trends


Astonishing 95% of Americans shop online at least once a year, 80% does it monthly, 30% buys stuff online on a weekly basis and 5% can’t let a day pass without shopping online.