The study conducted by eMarketer revealed that in the past year Amazon took the number one place among online retailers with estimated profits of $94.7 billion.

Among the 50 most successful online retailers and against names like Walmart, Apple, Target, Macy’s…Amazon was dominantly first. The $94.7 billion earned represent 70% of their total yearly revenue as a company. Compared to the previous year, they have seen a rise of 19.4%.

The company that has seen the biggest growth in the previous year was Apple, with online revenues rising by a whopping 40% and totaling at around $16.8 billion, which represents 7.7% of their total company revenue.

For Walmart, online sales represent only 3% of their total yearly revenue, but still they have seen a steady rise in their online sales by around 9% in the previous year, making $14.4 billion in the previous year.

Another company that is at the top of the list is Macy’s. In the last year they have seen a 4.8% drop in their total revenues, however their online sales grew by 12.5% raking in $4.6 billion for them, which is 17.9% of their total revenue.

Looking at the growth compared to the previous year, Hudson’s Bay Co. easily took the number one spot with the growth of 76%. Their total sales were $15. Billion. Ultra Beauty grew by 56% and earned $345 million, while Michael Kors showed a growth of 55.7% and total online sales of $179 million. Another company that has sign its online sales explode was Nike. Their growth was 54% and their total earnings $2.2 billion. Ascena Retail Group saw a rise of 50% making their online sales totaling at $1.3 billion.

The most amazing fact the research has shown is that among 50 most successful online retailers, Amazon’s online sales beat the remaining 49 companies combined. Amazon earned $94.7 billion and the rest earned $88.3 billion. This without any doubt shows that Amazon really is a true giant of e-commerce.

Looking at the all companies combined, the average growth was 16.1%, showing that online shopping just keeps growing.