We all love Christmas. For many of us, it’s the favorite time of the year. Most like to treat their loved ones and themselves with gifts. It’s easy getting swept up by the holiday mood and ending up spending way more money than planned.

There is nothing wrong with being careful with your money, making plans and avoid spending needless amounts. Here are some Christmas shopping tips that will help you do that:

1) Use a cashback credit card


When using this type of card, with every purchase you make, you’ll get a percentage back, usually around 5%. This immediately makes shopping cheaper and on top of the already available discounts, however make sure you have a debit card to repay the debts at the end of every month as you may end up paying big interest.


2) Buy online


Going to the store during Christmas is a great experience for a lot of people. Everything is decorated, the displays are packed and you can feel that Christmas mood in the air. But if saving money is your priority, check out amazon and other online retailers as they’ll probably offer similar if not better deals on the items you want.


3) Be humble


Buying a present for a loved one, family member or a friend is very gratifying, but there is no need to spend insane amounts of money on each present. Remember, it’s the attention that counts.


4) Use loyalty cards


Many stores have loyalty cards. If you’re smart, you can save them throughout the year and score a nice discount when it counts the most.


5) Stay organized


Make a list with all your family members and friends, dedicate an approximate amount of money for each of them and list possible gifts.


6) Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Whether you are brave enough to hit the stores on Friday, or you prefer online shopping and Cyber Monday, these two days offer significant discounts and are definitely a valuable pit stop for a lot of shoppers.


7) Start early


Don’t wait a few days before Christmas to start your shopping. Starting early will give you enough time to wage prices and find the exact items you want without having to resort to last minute purchases.