While online shopping has seen a massive surge in the past few years, in store shopping still remains dominant in profits and a lot of people prefer to have a more hands on approach to their shopping.

Whatever your preferred method of shopping is, with the holiday season approaching, it’s good to get informed about the pros and cons of both.


Online Shopping



It’s easy and convenient: You can do your shopping from the comfort of your home, you can compare prices between different stores, and find more deals faster.

It saves time: Going to the store requires you invest certain amount of time, you have to consider the working hours of the store, gas money, and your working hours.

It saves money: Even though it may seem you’ll be tempted to spend more money online because of the convenience, you might be surprised. Stores use different marketing techniques that are created to make you spend more money, like lightning, music, salespeople…


Shipping prices: Depending on your location, shipping something can be far too costly to be worth buying, not to mention having to return the product if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

Can’t physically evaluate product: Sometimes looking at a picture is just not good enough. Even though you can find many reviews and information, it’s still better to actually see or test some of the items in person before buying.

Privacy issues: Online shopping requires you to share your private information with the store, giving them your email and then being spammed with their marketing. Also, if you’re using an insecure connection your data might get hacked or compromised.


In Store Shopping



You can see and try the product before buying: This is especially relevant to items like clothes or furniture, but it’s generally better to see what you’re buying.

Salespeople: You have a real person you can talk to, get more detailed information or even try to haggle and get a better price. You get relevant first hand recommendation and advice.

No waiting: While online shopping is more convenient, you still have to wait for your item to get shipped. When you buy in store, you leave with your desired product immediately.



You need to travel to the store: This can sometimes mean dense traffic, gas money and wasted time and nerves. With online shopping you never have to leave your home.

You end up spending more than you planned: Marketing techniques used by stores can sometimes make you buy stuff you haven’t even planned to. You see something, you want it but know you don’t need it, but you can’t help it. That’s the goal of their in store marketing.

Crowds: Sometimes going to the store can mean long lines and dense crowds especially when you’re shopping during the holidays and days like Black Friday.