If you’re an avid, conscious shopper that aims to find the best deals and save the most money, you might wonder when it’s best to do your shopping. Traditionally, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, both by the amount of money spent, and the number of shoppers.

For years, Black Friday has been the biggest, most important shopping day of the year, but recently, its throne has been rocked. Known for its crazy discounts, doorbusters and sometimes not so friendly crowds, the importance of this day has been diluted in the past few years.

The main reason for it is the competition. In order to gain edge over competition, retailers are offering massive discounts earlier and earlier each year in the never-ending combat for customers. These days, you don’t need to wait for the Black Friday to get those juicy deals. Most retailers are offering them throughout the whole Thanksgiving week.

Not only that, but retailers are trying to offer lucrative deals all year long, reducing the importance the Black Friday once had. According to ShopperTrak, Black Friday sales saw a decrease of 12% compared to the previous year and the biggest shopping day this year is expected to fall on December 23rd.

Don’t count Black Friday out just yet though, it will still draws massive crowds and offers some pretty sweet deals that are hard to pass.

RetailNext did a research showing 10 most important shopping days of the year and here are the results


  • Friday, December 23
  • Super Saturday, December 17
  • Black Friday, November 25
  • Thursday, December 22
  • Wednesday, December 21
  • Sunday, December 18
  • Saturday, December 24
  • Saturday, December 10
  • Friday, December 16
  • Saturday, December 3


As expected, holiday season is the hottest time of the year to make those purchases you want and snag the items you’ve been eyeing over the year. But don’t rush, weight your options enjoy the attention and effort the retailers are investing to draw and please their potential customers.