Amazon is the face of shopping in the 21st century.

The site has some of the best deals around, with prices that most traditional brick-and-mortar stores can’t match. Delivery time is also top notch. While some sellers can have your items shipped to you within a couple of days, there are usually deals for one-day shipping (on select items) that you can avail from time to time.

Amazon is already great on its own- but did you know that you can easily ramp up the savings that you’d get from your purchases on the site?

Here are a few tricks that can help you save more and get more out of your money on Amazon:


Amazon’s “Today’s Deals”


If you want to be a seasoned deal shopper on Amazon, this section should be the first thing you should browse upon loading the site.

The Today’s Deals can be found on the top header section of most Amazon pages (including the homepage).

Here you can find your typical items that are hugely discounted for just one day only, as well as “Lightning Deals” that are available within a specific time period or until the discounted stock have run out.


Check Out Amazon Today’s Deals


Amazon Warehouse Deals  


For those who are in the market for cheap gadgets, home appliances, and other electronic gizmos, Amazon Warehouse is the right place for you!

Here is where you can find pre-loved stuff (usually electronics) and other open-box items that have been returned to the store and/or refurbished for resale. If you’re not too fussy about getting 2nd hand items, then Warehouse Deals is where you should be.

Worried about the state of the items? Fret not, Amazon grades the merchandise according to quality (New, Like New, Very Good, Good, Acceptable), so you’ll know what you’re getting.


Shop Amazon’s Warehouse Deals


Amazon Outlet  


Most of the popular item categories on Amazon (e.g. electronics, clothing, furniture, outdoor equipment, etcetera) have something called “Outlet Deals.”

Items on the Outlet store usually stock overruns, older models, markdowns, out-of-season stock and other items that manufacturers want to sell quickly (hence the big discounts). Unlike Warehouse Deals, items that you’ll buy on Outlet Deals are all brand new.

Just head on over to Amazon Outlet, and then choose the particular department(s) that you’re interested in.      


Shop Amazon’s Outlet Deals


“Subscribe and Save” Program  


Grocery items, toiletries, pet food- these are just some of the items that you can get deep discounts on if you sign up for Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” program.

The idea here is simple: you “subscribe” to products that you buy regularly (like the examples mentioned above), set a schedule on when you want them delivered to you, and Amazon gives you a discount of up to 15% off on your purchases. To top it all off, if you subscribe to more than five items, Amazon will deliver your package to your home free of charge!


Check Out Amazon’s Subscribe & Save     


Amazon Coupons  


Couponers of the world, rejoice! Amazon has e-coupons for all sorts of items you can imagine.

And no, you don’t have to print and cut them out yourself. All you need to do is head on over to Amazon’s coupon page, choose the category you’re interested in, collect the coupons you want, and redeem upon check out. The savings will be automatically applied to your bill.  


Grab Amazon Coupons    


Amazon Prime (Free Trial)  


Amazon Prime is probably one, if not the most, innovative shopping subscription on the Internet today. If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, then it’s imperative that you should be on this service. For just the price of $119 per year, you get FREE two-day shipping, same day delivery on specific areas, unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies, and for gamers, a whopping 20-percent discount on all physical copies of games bought or pre-ordered.

However, if you’re still not convinced about the service, you can avail Amazon Prime’s free 30-day trial and see if the service is right for you. During the trial period, you get all the benefits that Amazon Prime members enjoy, without spending a single cent.    


Sign Up For Amazon Prime  


Amazon Student  


Want Amazon Prime at half price? If you’re a student with a .edu email address, then you’re in luck.

With the Amazon Student program, you’ll be able to subscribe to Amazon Prime at only $59 per year, as compared to the regular price of $119. However, this program is only available for up to four years upon your first sign up (four years is the usual length of time for a college degree) OR if Amazon can’t verify your status as a student anymore. You also can’t share your shipping benefits with anyone (which regular Amazon Prime members can), but, at just $59, all of the other benefits of Amazon Prime is too hard to pass up.      


Sign Up For Amazon Student


Amazon Family  


Are you an Amazon Prime member as well as a mom or dad? If the answer is yes, then you can avail great discounts on the Amazon Family program.

This program is available only for Amazon Prime members (including free trial subscribers). When you are subscribed to this service, you can get up to 20% off on selected baby and child-care items like diapers, bottles, and wipes.

Signing up for this service is simple: just create a child profile under your account and you’re ready to start saving.    


Sign Up For Amazon Family 


Third-party Deal Tracker Sites  


Amazon prices don’t stay constant- they fluctuate over time. There are deal tracker sites out there (the most popular one seems to be that you can use to notify you if the item(s) that you want are getting price-drops. These kinds of sites usually have a price history page for a lot of items, so you can get to decide when is the right time to buy something.  


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